We offer a unique blend of business, functional and technical skills to conceptualize, design and execute business processes that allow our clients to align their business objectives and strategies in ways that clearly differentiate winners. Our solutions are customized, based on careful analysis of your needs, culture and organizational processes.


    Management Assurance Services

    Organizations are looking for process and system checks beyond conventional audits to monitor the organization health. This approach has created a need for assurance services extending across critical functions like Finance, Procurement, Materials, Production, Sales and Human Resource etc..  We offer specialized assurance services helping customers maximize the business value by optimizing the existing systems/ process.


ProcessDefining  End-to-End business processes to create a comprehensive business blueprint serves as a foundation for a robust enterprise system. We have observed that organisations invest lesser time in this activity leading to major functional/ process gaps in the systems. Hence we help organisations to build/ update comprehensive business blueprints encompassing all the functions to cover the business scenarios.


SystemBased on the nature, scale and size of the business ,  organization’s need to select and implement suitable enterprise systems/ business solutions. We help organisations select suitable solution based on the business blueprints as defined above. Our technology team helps the organisations assess the present IT infrastructure and systems, to identify areas of improvements compared to the business blueprint.


The business benefits envisaged while investing in a system is realized only when people adopt the system to the fullest. Hence it is critical to involve people at all stages of system development. We help organisations address this critical piece by helping organisations manage the change through various techniques.   

We help Organisations to create Business Value

  • Value Creation
  • Resource Utilization
  • Risk Management
  • Competitiveness
  • Governance Mechanism
  • Capacity Utilization Analysis
  • Productivity /Efficiency Analysis
  • Utilities/Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Key Costs & Contribution Analysis
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Input Price Volatility or Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Inventory Management Analysis


Management Reporting Solutions

Management Resporting Solutions

We help organisations create a single source of truth to take informed business decisions by management/ promoters. Organisations need a flexible, easy to use platform that could fetch data from various systems (ERP and other applications), analyse the same, and present consolidated reports/ dashboards to the management. Companies also need a collaborative planning platform to get “bottom up” forecast for accurate planning. Reporting consolidated financial results for multiple companies/ currencies manually needs lot of efforts and the process is prone to errors. We help organisation achieve these objectives, by defining the KPI’s and the supporting framework of processes and systems.



Procurement Optimisation

In today’s highly competitive marketplace cost optimization initiatives are being very actively pursued by many organisations. We believe in holistic approach to “Cost Management”, Cost Optimization being one of the natural outcomes of the same. One of the way in which companies across the globe achieve cost optimization is by considering “Process Efficiency”. Companies of different sizes and nature have appreciated the fact the Process Efficiency not only brings in cost efficiencies, but also helps in setting up transparent, efficient and self-sustained process. We help customers to choose and implement the right solution based on customer requirement, volume and value of transactions, etc.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Solutions


The Companies Act 2013 emphasises on strict adherence to regulatory and statutory framework. The Independent Directors/ Management and Promoters are directly responsible to ensure a fully functional and operational framework to manage Compliance under various laws. Since non-compliance impacts the company’s reputation, sales and position in the market, the stakeholders (Independent Director, MD, CFO and CS) are very sensitive to following the compliance framework. Corporate governance and transparency in business conduct is of prime focus. We are perfectly positioned to help our customers with Advisory services (Functional expertise) and software solutions to provide “System Based Approach” rather than “People Based Approach”.


Change Management Solutions

Change Management

Most critical component in any transformation activity is “How people accept and adapt change”. The success of any initiative within an organization depends on End Users acceptance of the change. This is evident in any business solution/ enterprise application implementation. However, this is often the most neglected component in typical project plan. We have observed that large number of inconsistencies/ gaps in data can be primarily attributed to user enablement and discipline. To help organisations manage the transition from legacy/ manual silos systems to integrated enterprise systems, we offer Change Management Services. Based on the project/ cultural requirements we recommend suitable approaches.